Asja Baidakova

Product designer focused on UI and interaction design. Currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.  



The project was conceptualized, build and programmed during one week workshop on Designing Interactive Spaces at CIID Copenhagen Summer School in cooperation with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the project’s core lies an idea of the Tragedy of the commons, which shows that people prefer to act according to their own self-interest even if it’s ruining common good for the community in general.

The goal of the project was to provide a shared experience of the advantages of long-term benefits for the many versus the short-term gain for the few.

The team created an engaging and immersive multi-player game that clearly demonstrates the concept using physical and digital interactions.

The gameplay was created using processing and back projected onto a canvas screen which was the top surface of a four-side ziggurat form made from cardboard. A series of foot pedalboards were laser cut to act as the input buttons and, connected to an IPAC board, allowed the users to control the movement of the ball on screen in order to score.

CIID Copenhagen Summer School 2019
Designing Interactive Spaces

Project by:
Asja Baidakova
Tjark Mueller
Eoin Kingston
My part in the project was concept co-developing, game UI and programming of the game in Processing.