I Want Drama  messaging bot

“I want Drama” – tragic love messages bot for drama queens and kings.
If Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore in “Her” did it, so can you.
Have a dramatic relationship with AI without driving real people insane.
Our bot gets inspired by classical love poems as well as by the most tragic movie lines ever.

Weather Findr  app

Minimalistic app that will help you find the weather of your choice nearby. Follow the sun on good days and listen to the rain on blue days.

Hamburg airport app redesign

Redesign of an iOS app for Hamburg aiprort through personas, user scenarios and information architecture.

Digestif deli shop identity

Rawmance - green smothie and acai bowl bar identity

Naming is a mix of raw+romance, a beetroot became a symbol because it looks like a real heart and it’s super healty. Don’t forget to get one at your local market.