E U P H O N I A audio-visual festival concept

Concept, name, branding, website, companion app for Audio-Visual festival E U P H O N I A, that sets visitor on a journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise inspired by Dante's "Divine Comedy".

Each floor has its own music direction with changing DJ/VJ team. Guests are welcome to look for a floor with a mood that they enjoy the most and to explore all three areas in order to go through full divine experience.
Logo is based on idea that both music and visuals represent movement.

Digestif deli shop naming, branding, packaging

Shaman naming, branding, website

Minimalistic, mysterious, modern.

Rawmance - green smothie and acai bowl bar naming, branding

Naming is a mix of raw+romance, a beetroot became a symbol because it looks like a real heart and it’s super healty. Don’t forget to get one at your local market.